Who is Sam Hopley?

As much as I would love to give up my day job to take photographs of nature, it just isn't going to pay the bills. So until some amazing twist of fate changes my circumstances, I shall remain an educator and part-time author.

Despite spending most of my life in Melbourne, I love to be out and about in the 'wild' and to use my camera in a poor attempt to capture the moment. It is one of the many reasons why I moved to Alice Springs, in pretty much the centre of Australia, for 18 months. Now that I am back in Melbourne, I am determined to keep up the nature adventures.

Awkward postures are sometimes required for that perfect shot

Awkward postures are sometimes required for that perfect shot

The Outdoors Type is my way of sharing these moments in nature, with some hope that others may be able to appreciate the fundamental beauty of nature as I do. It is also the challenge of animal photography that I enjoy. To capture a living, breathing creature in its environment, displaying natural behaviours, is the ultimate goal.

My other passion is for Science and, not that surprisingly, biology in particular. I have almost ten years classroom experience teaching science to teenagers in Australia and have authored a number of junior science and VCE Biology resources. I have always loved sharing my enthusiasm for and understanding of living things with others. Science Communicator is another blog that aims to explain the core biological concepts that are commonly taught in Australian schools, but are so often poorly understood by adults. 

You may also like to check out some of my nature photography in my Shutterstock portfolio.

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